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year 2014


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Telia Cygate is a longterm client to Anders. In the beginning of their cooperation, Anders built an order and contract handling portal. Tool has been developed and extended ever since. The portal offers procurement services for internal use and now it is also a self-service portal to clients.

Cygate provides its customers with a unique combination of secure ICT solutions and services. Their expertise is based on the high knowledge of information security, data networks, data centre and cloud technologies.

Cygate Oy is part of Telia Company corporation and offers quality ICT solutions and services. High expertice is based on information security, data networks, data centre and cloud technologies. Service's quick response and information security are controlled by seamless network and cloud solutions combined to data centre located in Finland. The best specialists, leading partners and over 25 years' experience make Cygate one of the industry leaders in Finland.

Anders has developed a B2B service portal included both contract handling tool and order system. The ordering system, e-commerce, is for procure hardware, expert services and license sales, target group being both internal and external users. Contract handling tool provides quicker and better service and automates procurement processes to Cygate customers. Year 2017 Anders integrated a project handling system Jira to the portal, which automates invoicing. The system also improves the transparency of the delivery process, along with standardizing it further. Cygate's customers are now able to manage their contracts, get faster and more precise support services and project management, and even automate their purchasing processes.

The procurement system is built based on Shoop e-commerce system and contract management tool is built from scratch tailor-made by using Python code language and Django web framework. The portal is seamlessly integrated to Cygate's pre-existing ERP and PIM systems. Integrations to invoicing, procurement and contracts go through Cygate's own interface.

Many years of cooperation has closen us and made our development work very seamless, it feels like working with colleagues. Anders Innovations has proven to be extremely efficient and trustworthy partner, that continuous new versions also indicates. Release speed has enabled an agile development in our own business tools as well.

Santtu Leino, Cygate Oy, Development Director

Cygate & Anders cooperation

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